It’s 2019 and the accounting world has embraced new technology.


The world of accounting has changed dramatically in the last 5 years due to Cloud Based systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over these years, accounting technology continues to improve as new ways of doing business evolves.

Prior to the introduction of GST, most businesses were operating ledgers and cash books and if they were really savvy, spread-sheets. Circa 2000 small businesses started using desktop accounting packages and their popularity has continued to steadily grow.

Now cloud based accounting solutions are being adopted in record numbers and JHL Accounting is at the forefront of this movement. JHL utilises the cloud for all in house operations and can advise, implement and manage the best fit solution for any business including add on Apps that specifically target your needs.

JHL Accounting is a firm believer in embracing new ways of conducting business and this means being at the forefront of new software and technology. Caroline has and will continue to grow and improve ways in which she conducts her business, in turn passing on the numerous benefits to her clients.

From helping clients implement a new and modern approach to running a business to how JHL delivers itself to you are two of a few innovative ways in which JHL can pass on benefits to the client. JHL aims to send documents in a timelier and environmentally friendly manner with electronically delivery over paper and enabling clients to use a digital signature for all compliance documentation.

While face to face meetings are a great way to meet and greet clients, JHL also understands that not everyone can physically attend meetings. With Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp JHL Accounting is always close at hand and available to meet online with you. Distance no longer needs to hinder your ability to see or talk to your accountant, thus giving you the time to travel, look after kids, work and run your own business with the convenience of meeting either online or face to face.

These are just a few of the many examples in which JHL Accounting is at the forefront of modern accounting.

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