On the Money December 2021

'On The Money' December 2021

In this month’s newsletter ‘On the Money December 2021’, JHL Accounting discusses the following current issues and answers some questions that you may have:

  • The key ingredients for Business Success (part 2),
  • Government locks in Director ID Deadline.
  • Preparing to sell your business.
  • ATO’s new ‘Stapled Super Fund’ rules – What do Employers need to do?
  • Why do new businesses fail?

To read further click on the link below:

‘On the Money’ December 2021 – JHL Accounting’

To find out more about the Director ID process click here, however we will be reaching out to all company directors with instructions on how to apply for your Director ID, in the new year.

If you would like to discuss these matters further please contact JHL Accounting .

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