On the Money December 2023

On The Money December 2023

In this month’s ‘On the Money December 2023’, JHL Accounting focuses on several issues related to the running of your business:

  • The difficulty with fighting inflation
  • Big stamp duty and tax changes for Victorian investors and businesses
  • What is the right structure for your business?
    • Types of different business structures
    • Deciding on a business structure ( Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust)
    • Ownership vs control
  • I am making a profit but where does all the cash go?
    • Profit versus cash flow
    • Excessive debtors
  • Scams by numbers – 2022-23 shows that we are improving
  • Festive work parties must dance through an FBT ‘minefield’
  • Directors on the hook for cyber security, ASIC warns

For a full comprehensive breakdown of the above points, click here ‘On the Money’ December 2023 – JHL Accounting’

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