On the Money March 2024

On The Money March 2024

In this quarter’s ‘On the Money March 2024’, JHL Accounting focuses on the latest changes to stage 3 tax cuts which are aimed to ease the cost of living pressures for ‘middle Australia’. With only those earning less than $150,000 benefiting from impending tax cuts, we go through each income bracket, what cuts or increases apply and what this could mean for you.

Other recent matters we cover include;

  • Updated guidance on ‘Research & Development’ claims.
  • 5 Steps for recovering debts,
  • What is the Spam Act and is your organisation exempt?
  • What drives your business growth & profits?
  • Key drivers of business growth and profitability;
    • Planning
    • Technology
    • Marketing
    • Team

For a full comprehensive breakdown of the above points, click here On the Money’ March 2024 – JHL Accounting’

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